Hello! We made this illustration for last valentine’s. We also got most of our comments back to the site, some are missing but we got lucky with how many pages are back to their old condition now!
Unfortunately we have no page for you, but we’ll get to it right off the bat:


We’re now in a position where we’ve been able to discuss bringing Small Trolls back. As you might’ve seen we’ve been very busy trying to keep up with Tistow and Year In Hereafter, and there have been plenty of projects for other authors we’ve disclosed to not discuss publicly.

While talking, we came to the conclusion to set a goal for our Patreon, with which we could have the leisure to take time for ST pages.

To start with, we’ve set a goal to $200. If we reach this goal, we’ll be able to squeeze in one page of Small Trolls in 4 weeks, and fit that into our schedules without worry. We’re sitting at $160 at the moment, so we’d need around $40 to surpass that goal.

So for anyone interested, we advise you to take a look at our Patreon.

We are active and upload exclusive content multiple times per week, we share work in progress work and do weekly sketch requests.
There’s plenty to look through as is.

Here are our boys making their way back to their friends at the troll hill~
Let’s get them there!


And as of 20th of June, we’ve made our goal!


We’re still gonna wait until the end of this month to make sure all of the pledges are legit, it is Patreon we’re talking about after all.

Thank you so much everyone~