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Some of the fanart we've received from our wonderful readers! If you have made any art and would like to be on this list, please do let us know! We absolutely love fanart and we'll make sure to credit you for it.


We change the website theme on the occasion, typically to mark a holiday or change of season. All of the previous artwork is also available for download through our Patreon in their original size and some of them are also available as wallpapers.

Concept Art

Examples of our planning process when it comes to creating all things Small Trolls, from characters to environment. You can find much more on our Patreon!

Free Downloads

Below you can find 3 packs of icons (Jáhko, Veeti & Wisp ones respectively). Each .zip files contains around 20 different icons (300x300px) of the boys and sprites drawn for the comic. You can use them freely anywhere and we encourage you to share them! All the zip files are around 2mb in size.