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You can either buy stuff straight
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All you need is a Paypal account.


You can start supporting us monthly,
unlock and enjoy our patron exclusive
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Who are you supporting and what?

By supporting us you're raising awareness to the creation of both Tistow and Year in Herefter and any future titles we may work on together. By purchasing items from our Gumroad account or becoming our Patron you're helping us pay for the all important licenses, printing costs and art supplies that we require to do our work.

What are we aiming to do with the support?

Our goal is to continue working on all three projects at the same time and to create merchandise and tutorials related to them. Both artists currently have other ways of earning income but our long term goal is to do this full time. The closer we get, the more often we'll be able to update. Patrons will be the first people to know about updates and get dibs on new content as and when we release it.

One of our biggest aims is to eventually create a printed version of Tistow: Small Trolls. We're expecting the story to be around 200 pages long, consisting of several short stories.

If you're unable to support us financially but enjoy reading our stories, we'd be grateful if you could comment and share it with your friends and communities. It'd do us a huge favour in helping the collaboration grow.

Thank you for reading! We're always happy to answer any and all questions you might have.