Happy Sunday! We’ve got a new layout for the site and a new character to introduce! This post is going to be very long, so bear with us.

Solveig is a homage to Elli’s own grandmother from the Sámi side of the family. In Tistow she’s Jáhko’s gran in turn, ahku. We could say she’s the reason Small Trolls exists in the first place. Her stories about trolls, maidens in the lake and summer spells have inspired and thrilled me throughout my childhood. I love you lots, mummi, thank you so much for being such a huge inspiration to me.

We’ve also chosen the winners of our contest! We’ve got a couple of runners up on top of that. And here they are! Name of the troll at the top, the contestant’s description and finally Karo’s written some notes on the entry as well (in brackets). 😀

First Prize: Vervayn V – Basalt
Meet Basalt, he is s young volcano troll. The instrument he carries around is hang,
it sounds magical, but looks like turtle. When Basalt plays and sings along, it glows.

"Instead of a woods troll, we get a troll from the mountains, playing music in the night! The idea of stones embedded in lava contrasts beautifully with it’s woodling cousins and is overall a lucrative design choice and extends the idea of what kind of trolls there are. Bravo for the clever use of imagination!"

2nd Prize: Michael Hawk – Malmi
Malmi is a very old troll. He gets his name from the ore that grows inside his body. He’s a sound sleeper and rarely gets up. When he does though, he complains about a sore neck and backpains. "It’s the price you pay for being old!"
He’s unaware of the ore mine humans dug up near his neck. The backpains come from the tunnels going down near his spine. They stopped mining because they believed the mine is haunted.
Why do they believe that? Wisps played with the tools of the miners to protect the ancient troll.

"A huge troll that has a little mine in the rock that’s been attached to his back. I can’t help but feel sympathy for this old poor fellow for having a constructed mining site… well. Inside him. I’d gladly write a story about this encounter."

3rd Prize: Klem Lodygowska – Nots
It’s short for Forget Me Not, which started to bloom on their back at some point. She’s quite melancholic because she’s having memory problem – it’s probably a curse which made her forget something what was very important to her – so now she spends much time staring into space or water surface, and can be a bit grumpy sometimes.
She’s rather big and in human scale in her late 20s/early 30s.

"The troll’s background tied to the name of her designated flower("Forget me not") is great. Choice of colors go greatly together and it’s an aesthetically pleasing design on top of the smart choice of name and forgetful, baffled personality! Something we could easily implement and use in our comic."

And our Runners Up:

Gammelmor, Nelly Karlsson:
Gammelmor (Old Mother) carries the skulls of her changelings, as a reminder that humans are fragile beings (compared to trolls). The Goat cane is ofc made of a real goat skeleton, of which she uses to hit her son-in-law when he’s done something wrong. She comes from a southern part of Sweden and lives nearby a human village, hence her clothings. Rumour has it that she’s got a human ancestor but she doesn’t deny nor confirm it.

"The huge jewelry, clothing, big thick black tangled hair, little pouches and skeletal parts gives an eerie feel to the character. Over all the details in this design are great, traditional and fitting for her. However, we thought of her more as a spot-on stállu than a troll, so we decided to give this an honorable mention."

Flik (Chris Serani)
-Audio entry-
"Just. Awesome. Dude. We did not get a character design, but instead he came to us with an amazing composition. And as can be seen from the video he submitted for it, he put himself out there, and sang the lyrics himself – and my did he sing. We were completely taken by this whole thing and couldn’t quite believe our ears, still can’t, I’d personally just love to stick an animation and make this the official Small Trolls theme song. Also, how cool is it to say official theme song?! And that we have one?! You, good sir, have well earned a salute. And a cupcake."

A Berryroll is a very small troll who loves strawberries. He loves them so much that he looks like one.
What one might think could be a great way to hide from the humans, but as he loves red strawberries the most, he obviously looks like a very ripe strawberry. So if he’s unlucky, he can get eaten without the human even noticing.

"The design itself makes me think more of the fairiekin than a troll per se, but the background story resonates very well with the ideals and thoughts we started making Small Trolls for. Our childhood experiences and imaginations, and that is why this stuck so persistently in my mind. Very charming story."

Thank you everyone for taking part! We’d like to ask everyone who took part to allow us to use your troll designs in the story at some point if you’re ok with it. That goes for not just the winners and runners up, but all of them. We love each and every one of them so much and the stories you had written for them. We’ve got a bunch of ideas already for background characters within scenes in future chapters.

If you -don’t- want us to use yours in the coimc, please let us know!

We’ll be contacting the winners and runners up soon for your postal addresses, so keep an eye out for those!

You can find all the entries here!