Happy Friday! Birdies coloured by Elli and everything else by the recovered Karo. <3 We both had a brief break during the week because of drawing arm related injuries but both are all good now!

This little jay is somebody very special to Jáhko. You’ll find out next week who it is!

The contest has now ended!

You can find all the entries here! If you notice yours missing or a link not working, please do let us know! We got entries from a number of different sources so if we’ve missed yours, we’d like to be sure it gets added on the list before tomorrow (Karo and I will start making decisions on the winners).

Unfortunately, the script we use for the reel, we found doesn’t allow very long descriptions on the images. :< But we’ve got all those for judging purposes, but if you’d like to read a specific one for a troll of your choice, just let us know and we can provide you with them. Some of them have got really fun background stories that we would’ve liked to have been able to share. <3

All of the entries are absolutely brilliant! If we could give everyone a prize, we most definitely would. We’d like to however, look at the option of including all the trolls in the comic as background characters in the future. So look out for that!

Thank you everyone who took the time to send us your troll. <3 We’ve loved reading through them all.