Happy Friday! We finally have -talking- trolls!

We’ve also got a little contest for you! We’re looking to give away prints, badges and original art for 3 lucky people. The theme is to design your own troll, be it little or huge like Bestefar here. The prizes haven’t unfortunately arrived from the print yet but as soon as they do, we’ll share them with you!

Click the banner below to find out more! There’s a comment box in the links so if you have any questions, please feel to leave them there.

We got some new fanart too! Wee Veeti from the wonderful and skilled Nelly on Twitter! Go check out their stuff if you haven’t already! You can find more fanart under The Hoard section of the website.

If you have made any art or written work of Small Trolls we’d really love to hear about it, to read it and share it. So please don’t be shy to contact us with some. If you can’t find your art under The Hoard, please please, do let us know and we’ll add it there. This sort of stuff helps us immensly to keep going and drawing more through the tough times.