A week late but there’s a very good reason. If you’ve followed us on Twitter or deviantArt you’ll know Elli’s laptop gave up completely and it took a bit over a week to get it replaced. Karo will be flying to UK on Monday and we’ll have more news for you then regarding our schedule. Keep an eye on our Twitter as it’s the best place to find updates. Streams are a go!

Any pending Patreon rewards will also be worked on while Karo’s in Kent. If you’d like to be on the goodies list for that batch, you can do so by pledging at least $10 on our Patreon before the end of April!

Before then, we’re going to start doing commissions together. If you’d like to get art done by the two of us, an OC of yours or a gift for someone, please do give us a prod!

In other news, Odie has successfully been funded on Kickstarter! You’ve still got time to grab your copy of the comic we’re making with Aaron Sullivan!