Veeti tripping over his feet seems to be a thing.

Right, the news! Karo’s returning to UK at the end of April! If everything goes as planned, she’ll be staying with Elli for a couple of months. Our plan is to work on Small Trolls and if Odie goes through successfully, finish the comic about this little corgi.

We’re looking at booking time for weekly streams while she’s over and we’ll fill you in on the details closer to the end of the month.

Any pending Patreon rewards will also be worked on while Karo’s in Kent. If you’d like to be on the goodies list for that batch, you can do so by pledging at least $10 on our Patreon before the end of April!

Before then, we’re going to start doing commissions together. If you’d like to get art done by the two of us, an OC of yours or a gift for someone, please do give us a prod! We’ll post a commission info article on Twitter and deviantArt later today with the options and prices, so keep an eye on updates there!

Our goal is to make a little extra money to pay for expenses during Karo’s stay in the UK, so if you can spread the word about our collaboration commissions, we’d really appreciate it. Thank you! :3