Good afternoon! We’re back!

We’ve been really busy with our personal projects, Elli’s still doing commissions and Karo’s getting on really well with her school project.

Karo: Just for a general info, for those who don’t know I’m building a small demo for a game dev course in order to build a small game for portfolio. Now, I’m documentating the making of it through Patreon. So far there’s a bunch of sprites and such, but eventually I’ll be sharing more on a larger scale once I get time to write some entries. And for those who have an interest for Unity or use it, I’m going to share the project folder so you can take a look at it once the game’s finished. :3

Oh, also: Even though these said entries will be posted on our Patreon, I’m keeping them open for those who aren’t supporters. Everybody can take a look at them~ The link to our site is to the right from here.

Elli: I’ve had ago at learning to use Unity and C# in my free time, which has been really good fun! I also got a chance to do some sculpting in both Blender and Sculptris for the first time. ..Even though my laptop doesn’t quite agree with the programs. The dog on the left was the very first try in Blender and the rat was done in Sculptris. You can find more screenshots of the attempts on our Patreon, for free!

If you’re interested in trying 3D sculpting, both of the programs are free to download and use.

Elli’s still taking commissions! If you’d like your OC drawn or a gift to somebody, you can find her commission information here.