He’s not quite safe yet! But our wisp pal will try their best. Veeti seems to have developed a habit out of falling over his face.

Quick word in regards to the main Tistow story for those who are familiar with it:

As you know Elli ran the comic until her computer started playing up and there’s been no plan to continue it until it’s been replaced. There has recently been some development in regards to this but the only thing we can say for now is that we’re planning to turn it into a PDF form and make the chapters available to download.

We’ve been meaning to do a clean up on the server which will mean the main site will close down for a little while. And what better time to do it than during a hiatus!

This will NOT affect Small Trolls in any way. We’ll continue the kids’ adventures as normal. But the 90 pages worth of the main story will be made available to download for free through Patreon.