Start of another act! This one’s new for our Patrons too. The next 6 new pages will be made available for our Patrons to read this weekend. We’re looking at reuploading all the old pages into a new node as downloadable PDF’s for eligible Patrons. The raw works and in progress material we’ve talked about will also be included on those downloads.

We have some exciting news! Karo will be visiting Elli in the UK next week, from Thursday onwards to be more specific. It’s a short trip but we’re going to try and make all the hours count. We’ve got a lot of trips planned around Kent and London but also tons of drawing to do. Christmas ate into our buffer slightly so that’s definitely something we’ll look at amending while she’s on the island.

We’re going to do a stream to celebrate our first Patreon goal! It’ll be available for everyone to attend and we have some other things to reveal that we’re not quite yet allowed to talk about.

The stream will be open on the 15th of January at around 18:00 UK time (that’s GMT 00:00). We’ll be around for at least couple of hours and potentially longer.

We’ll be using Karo’s Picarto account for the stream and you can find a link to it here! Follow her and you’ll get a notification when we start. :3

We’re not skipping an update despite Karo’s visit, so you can still expect to meet this.. ..Mysterious apparent cousin of a pocket monster next Friday! Is he nice or nasty?