Happy Holidays everyone! We’ve both gone off to do our own thing this festive time but it’s not going to stop us from updating. Karo’s spending the Christmas with her family and Elli’s finally got the damn boiler fixed.

There’ll be a page next week and our Patrons will get a little holiday special before Christmas. We’re still looking at opening commissions but we’d like to see Yule out of the way first. Thank you everyone who’s expressed their interest so far!

Eat all the things. Mostly chocolate.

We’ve really been looking forward to introducing these little guys to you all. I’m terribly sorry if you’re not fond of mushrooms but, I swear they’re good guys. They just happen to live on Woodcarver’s back. They’re also incredibly important to him and the wilds in general so you’ll be seeing a lot of them in the future too!

See y’all next week! Have a brilliant weekend!