First of all, I’d like to apologise for the late update! We had planned to let Karo do the update, but realised I’d been daft and not shared the right files with her. But no more of that!

Long story short, I’ve been very ill the whole week. It all started with a mild flu that turned into an eye infection, asthma related complications among other things that required antibiotic treatment and a hospital trip. I’m on the mend now but it’s very slow and the week’s been painful and exhausting.

Feedback request for the comic so far!

This is the last page of this particular Act! Next week you’ll get to meet.. Some new faces. We’ve actually been looking at adding and revamping some of the older pages to make them flow a little better. It might seem a bit harsh but our goal is to turn Trolls into a book, so what you see online may not necessarily reflect the final comic. There’s a couple of things in particular that I want to personally address, (that we didn’t notice in the beginning for some reason *cough*) I’d love to see if anyone else is on the same mind about them, heh.

For that reason we’d love to hear your feedback! Patrons evidently get to see batches of pages sometimes months ahead of the rest of the online readers and can comment there, but we’d still appreciate your comments HERE on anything and everything to help us make the first parts of the story into a nice artbook.

We’ve loved all the feedback and comments we’ve got so far. We both enjoy drawing this so much and would like it to be an equally fun experience to the readers as it is to us.

Story and character related questions are also welcome, although please keep in mind we might choose not to answer all of them for obvious reasons. It’s still good fun for us to sit down and go through them to see if we can write answers down for each and every one of them.

The pages on the website will stay as they are, (for now) but Patrons will get to see all new pages beforehand. All the old ones are also still available on our profile to download if you’d like to squint through them. We’ll keep posting a new archive node whenever there is new stuff to ensure everything can be accessed easily.

For existing and new Patrons

We’re still working on sending all the pending Patron rewards well in time for Christmas. We hit a small snag with the printers which means we’re waiting for our provider to replace the previous order as it was faulty.

You still have time to sign up for the Christmas delivery! Any payments processed in November, will get a Christmas gift from us.

That’s all for this week, see you again on Friday!

– Elli –