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Jáhko Hammarström

Year of Birth: 1833

Temperamental, loud and mischievous, Jáhko loves to talk and tell stories. Nicknamed Jáhkostállu (troll/giant) for his looks and mannerism, he's frequently bullied by other children in his village.

He's the younger one of two brothers and looked after by his grandparents while their mother works in the nearby city of Kirkald.

Associated with grandmother Gaup's family and therefore wears their colours and crest.


Veeti Harmonsuo

Year of Birth: 1832

A middle child from a wealthy family of skilled tailors and herders.

Timid and shy, Veeti prefers to spend his time alone reading books and avoiding trouble. This makes him an exemplary student and a teacher's favourite.

However, he shows very little interest towards other children of his age and rarely joins them to play.




Forest troll

Jáhko's old friend and in charge of mischief.

Active and rather small for a troll his age. Hopes to never have to grow as large or slow as Bestefar. Secretly wishes to be able to walk in sunlight one day.




Forest troll

Gentle and kind, guardian of the younger pebbles. Often joins them for games and builds little huts for the fairies in the woods.

Vicious when angered or if something threatens the pebbles.