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August 05 2017

Change of plans, Small Trolls is going on a small break everyone! The update day has been changed to Sundays and we'll return on the 3rd of September! This is due to other comic related commitments during the week.

We've been sending out emails to our contestants, so please check your spam mail and inboxes! We're going to send the prizes out this month but we evidently need your addresses first! :3

July 31 2017

We've got our contest winners! You can find longer descriptions on last night's page!

First Prize: Vervayn V - Basalt
2nd Prize: Michael Hawk - Malmi
3rd Prize: Klem Lodygowska - Nots

Runners up:

Gammelmor - Nelly Karlsson
Audio entry - Flik (Chris Serani)
- Anders Wik

July 30 2017

Hopp! New site layout!

If it looks weird on your browser, please clear your cache!