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may 28 2018

New host update! The website has been moved to a new host so we lost a massive amount of data. Well, we've got it all backed up but we've been unable to, so far, restore the comments. So they've been turned off for the time being, except for the very last page.

The pagination side of things has received a complete overhaul. We moved the pages to a WP managed site to make it easier for us both to post pages in the future. This change is also related to something a bit more complicated that we've been working on for our Patrons. If you're a Patron, keep an eye on our feed for more info!

We're however still not at a stage when we can pick the comic up again. We have a lot of other commitments which mean Small Trolls needs to stay on hiatus for the time being.

Let us know if you spot any errors!

July 31 2017

We've got our contest winners! You can find longer descriptions on last night's page!

First Prize: Vervayn V - Basalt
2nd Prize: Michael Hawk - Malmi
3rd Prize: Klem Lodygowska - Nots

Runners up:

Gammelmor - Nelly Karlsson
Audio entry - Flik (Chris Serani)
- Anders Wik

July 30 2017

Hopp! New site layout!

If it looks weird on your browser, please clear your cache!